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How are you liking Rasputina and her minions? Did you ever use the Ice Golem's (3) ability?

I started out with Rasputina so I’m of course a little biased. But I’m liking some of her upgrades (even if they forced bearskin armor to an upgrade). 

I actually didn’t get a chance to do that as I had to concede before I got the Golem in melee. He spent too much time tossing the Gamin forward.

Finally got to play some Malifaux 2e. Had to concede the game early due to time, but the changes I saw in play were good.

Finally got to play some Malifaux 2e. Had to concede the game early due to time, but the changes I saw in play were good.

If you want I think you can order the Second Wave rulebook right now, which does have stats for all of those models. You don't need to buy completely new models or even the cards unless you really want to. Btw, Dreamy is way less broken in 2e, and thankfully (unfortunately?) can't bury his nightmare army anymore. Kaeris is much more fun, and has a henchman by the name of Firestarter that makes burning enemy units much more rewarding.

This is admittedly not something I have looked into. 

I’m not a fan of the “model stats in books”, or “Warhammer” method.The process of flipping between pages to compare things or look something up just hurts my brain. Too much confusion.

I understand most games have both- book stats and stat cards. I exclusively use stat cards (I make my own when playing WHFB/40k). To that same end, I actually don’t own any books with stats in them, though that’s more a fluke. All the rulebooks I own, save one, which are Malifaux 1e & 2e, Warmachine, WHFB, and 40k, are all the small digest size manuals that don’t include the stats, hobby, or fluff aspects. The only full size manual I own is for MERCS, which interestingly enough doesn’t include model stats (only available on the cards).

So you’re right, I could probably remedy this issue. Instead it’s something I brought upon myself.

(Speaking of The Dreamer, the fact that you can’t buy individual models from a starter box makes me sad (due to the way the sprues are set up) because the new Daydreams look pretty sweet. But I don’t want to have to re-buy the whole box.)

Malifaux 2e or: useless collection of miniatures

My FLGS group generally plays Warmachine/Hordes. I understand. It’s a largely popular game, lots of depth and tactics and skill and a fair amount of luck thrown in. I enjoy it too, even though my current stats read 5-35. 

A league just wound down, and when that happens we often take the opportunity to play other games. MERCS, Malifaux, what have you. A few players bought into Malifaux 2e starter boxes, having not played the original version. I decided it was time to finally get the new rules and cards. 

Malifaux is one of my favorite systems. I love the core card flipping mechanic. I like the actions and Action Point system. And the setting is wholly unique, not just a “fantasy” or “sci-fi” or “gunz” setting. Wild west gothic horror. Try that one on for size.

But I’m so far disappointed in 2e, and it’s mainly a communications breakdown. Prior to buying anything 2e, I listed to a few podcasts on the edition switch (admittedly from the beta testing era, so a year or two ago) and they said the first book will have 3 masters per faction, but once the card decks come out, that’s going to be every available model. 

Also probably my fault for not realizing the card boxes state “Wave 1” on them. 

I play Rasputina, The Dreamer, Kieris, and Lady J. I did not get the Guild box so I assume Lady J is in that deck. But neither The Dreamer or Kieris is available yet in wave 1. So I’m stuck playing on Rasputina until the next wave. Oh, and I can’t even use all of her models (no Snowstorm.)

But that’s really all just bitching because the Wave 2 boxes are listed as pre-order online. So we’ll just wait and see. I still love Malifaux and I’m excited to get back into it.


I realize this may get my tossed out of the tumblrverse on my arse but I just can’t keep this hidden any longer.

I…. I….


I don’t like pumpkin spice lattes. Pie is ok. Cream cheese cake roll thingies. Even Tuscan pumpkin white bean soup is pretty good on a cold, wet day. But pumpkin spice…

White people need to knock it the fuck off

I’ve been studying for my network+ test

What have I done

What have I done

Here’s this thing I did all weekend. I’m pretty proud of it. Now I want to make more of them.

DnD cancelled for another week in a row. Sometimes I wish coordinating 5 adult’s schedules wasn’t so damn hard.